When Plastic Surgery is Ethical

plastic surgeryPlastic surgery is a popular aesthetic procedure for those who want to alter their appearance, but it is not without an element of controversy. There are also many critics of plastic surgery who feel that it is too unnatural a procedure to be made available to the public. There are also those who point out that it is addictive and can easily be overused. The health risks of plastic surgery are also arguably not worth a cosmetic alteration. There are many legitimate criticisms of plastic surgery, however, there are times when the use of plastic surgery is completely ethical.

For example, it is understandable and necessary that a victim of a disfiguring accident would require plastic surgery, or at least be given the option. People who go through the trauma of a horrible accident should not have to go through further trauma being self conscious of their changed appearance. They should be able to take advantage of the services of a quality plastic surgeon in order to restore their appearance to what it used to be, as much as is possible. It would be sadistic to accuse a person in this situation of being vain or obsessed with their looks.

It is also entirely ethical for a consenting adult, who moderates their use of plastic surgery and seeks only minor changes, to have access to good plastic surgeons. If someone is just lightly shaping or sculpting a part of their body with plastic surgery, it is really no more aesthetically altering than dieting or exercising. If it would give the person a boost of confidence or additional peace of mind, who can possibly stand in judgment?

Canadians who desire plastic surgery and are willing to go about it responsibly have many good quality plastic surgeons to choose from. In British Columbia, when it comes to cosmetic surgery Kelowna and Vancouver offer some of the best plastic surgeons in the nation. Alberta is also known for the cosmetic surgeons who practice in Edmonton and Calgary, and there are many talented surgeons on the east coast of Canada as well.

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