Reasons Why People Go for Plastic Surgery


In recent years, people have become more interested in rebuilding body image through surgery. Through the influence of showbiz personalities, the quest for the “perfect body” has been heightened especially among the female folk. 

Due to the growing trend of plastic surgery for body augmentation, there are media campaigns to promote positive body image, fat activism, etc. hashtags like #selflove are becoming increasingly popular.

However, the reality is a different story as people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with how they look and plastic surgery is becoming commonplace. 

What are some reasons why people do plastic surgery?

Reasons Why People Do Plastic Surgery

  • More Influences

In recent times, people have become more influenced by what they see on their screens (phones, TV, computers, etc.). They see the images of celebrities and online influencers and want to look like them. 

For many regular people, the urge to carry out plastic surgery is increased when they discover their favorite celebrity has undergone the procedure. Also, more people are influenced by the increasing number of people who are doing cosmetic procedures. 

  • More Affordable

In the past, people would have loved to carry out plastic surgery, but they couldn’t afford it. Today, plastic surgery procedures have become more affordable such that middle-income earners can afford to do a Botox.

The doctors are coming up with flexible payment options for their patients, so they can attract more patients. 

  • More Crave for Acceptance

The craving for acceptance on social media has led a lot of people to carry out plastic surgery. They believe augmenting “deficient” parts of their bodies will cause their images to receive more “likes and comments”. 

A survey in 2019 discovered that the top reason why people do plastic surgery is that they want to improve their self-confidence. Many people accept their body image better when it becomes enhanced.