Obsession with Cosmetic Procedures

cosmetic procedure obsessionSome people feel that cosmetic alterations are unnatural while others see no harm in it. Regardless of your personal opinion of plastic surgery and cosmetic alterations, it is undeniable that it is a recent cultural fixation that will not slow down anytime soon. Cosmetic alteration is a huge industry that boasts a very loyal clientele, and in the present era of self-focus and personal image obsession, it is an industry that is destined to grow stronger.

Surgical body augmentation has been going on since the late 1800’s, but began as a service for people who had undergone trauma or had birth defects. In the 1960’s, however, the quality and availability of plastic surgery products greatly increased, and the demand for plastic surgery¬†as a cosmetological procedure began. By the 1980’s, plastic surgery was considered a common procedure and resources for plastic surgery augmentation were plentiful.

So why the steady increase in demand over plastic surgery, when it comes with such risk? The answer is the value our culture places on physical beauty. Our culture dictates that anything unsightly about a person should be remedied, even if it is a structural part of their body. It can be argued that a cosmetic alteration can greatly improve a person’s self esteem, however, what about the people who overuse or misuse it because of the influence of beauty culture? Addiction to cosmetic alteration affects certain people, whose skewed perception of their physical self becomes apparent as they transform their appearance excessively to the point of looking unnatural.

For those who wish to break away from an obsession with cosmetic alterations and plastic surgeries, help is available. Addiction counselors and mental health professionals can help you work past the focus on self-image that is spurring on your cosmetic alteration addiction, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

And for those who are not addicted to plastic surgery who are looking to use it in ethical moderation, be sure to choose a surgeon with a good reputation for ethical procedures such as cosmetic surgeons in Kelowna or Vancouver.

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