Common Cosmetic Alterations

common cosmetic proceduresCosmetic alterations are all the rage within certain circles. Particularly in well-to-do society and celebrity culture, cosmetic alterations are a way of life. Most people you meet within these circles have had some cosmetic work done, even if only a minor procedure. There a variety of cosmetic alterations available to people who are looking to permanently alter their appearance. Some of the most common cosmetic alterations that people have performed are botox injections, laser treatments, electrolysis and plastic surgery.

  • Botox injections are the injection of collagen into a physical feature, such as lips or cheeks, to make them appear fuller and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The collagen fills the skin that has become dull in its elasticity and makes it tighter. Excessive botox is known for making some people’s faces appear rigid and expressionless.
  • Laser treatments may be for hair or they may be for skin. Laser treatments can stop the growth of hair in unwanted places or they can smooth skin imperfections and give skin a tighter, smoother appearance. This treatment does not work on all hair and skin imperfections, but does work on many of them.
  • Electrolysis is used for similar purposes as laser treatment, but instead of using lasers, the procedure uses electrical currents to alter hair follicles and to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sun damage. This is the most recent of the cosmetic alteration procedures.
  • Plastic surgery has been a mainstream beauty procedure since the 1980’s, but has come a long way since then. Plastic surgery involves performing a surgical operation to reshape part of the body into a more aesthetically pleasant form. Plastic surgeries are most commonly performed on faces, breasts,¬†butts and on any area where skin is sagging. Plastic surgery has a reputation for being addictive because it is the most drastic form of body augmentation available for purchase.